Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year—but, of course, how could we not?  If I had my way I would want everyone to spend the holidays through the eyes of their three- and five-year-old.  Children make Christmas and mine are no exception.

This year, we (or more accurately “I” and Will graciously went along) wanted to spend Christmas day at home—a lazy, relaxed, happy, in our jammies, chocolate for breakfast, fireplace ablaze all day kind of Christmas.  So Will’s parents kindly changed our usual Christmas afternoon visit to Christmas Eve morning brunch.

Frances in her new boots from Grandma and Grandpa that happen to perfectly match her Christmas dress.

Exactly two pictures, people.  This is where I need to apologize for my lack of photographic evidence of the holidays.  I really missed the ball during family visits, but I was honestly having so much fun with everyone.  And because as these kids get older, their new toys require much more manpower.

We went to our church’s children’s Christmas Eve service.

They do a fantastic job—coloring books and crayons for the kids, singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus by the nativity scene, glow sticks and candles during “Silent Night,” and jingle bells during the other Christmas carols.

After church came dinner and ’Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Milk and cookies for Santa; a red apple for Rudolph.  George reminded us of the napkin.  Apparently he was still vying for Santa's good graces up until the very end.

Twenty minutes later, both kids were sound asleep.  And before we knew it, Santa had come.

If only I could bottle the happiness I feel at this moment each year.  Does it get any better than Santa?

The next day, my parents drove over in time for my first official Christmas dinner as a mother.  I needed all the help I could get by the time my own mother stepped into our house (and a word to the wise—turkey always takes longer to roast than you think … at least two hours longer, in fact), but it ended up pretty good.

No pictures of the food, but here is the result of 2 ½ hours of dish washing.  I say, the more cooking vessels you use, the better the food.

Two days later and I think I’ve finally recovered.  Frances is off to Lynchburg to spend a few days with my parents (the highlight of her year) and George and I are having some quiet mother/son toy organizing bonding sessions sprinkled with a few playground visits.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy Thursday!  Next up, Frances’s visit with Nana, to include her first beauty salon haircut (complete with a hair washing extravaganza) and high tea (complete with lots of sugar and lots of buttered rolls).  You can see why she does not miss her mother when she’s away.

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