Sunday, December 9, 2012

The lights that light the lights

Saturday night we braved the crowds and headed to one of our favorite holiday destinations:

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Garden Fest of Lights.

We went last year and had a great time, but our timing was terrible—6pm the first night of winter break for public schools and crowded.  This year we wised up by going earlier in the season and showing up right at 5pm when they opened the gates.

Not even dark yet, I know; but ten minutes later it felt like the middle of the night.

We met up with Lynne and Bryan (law school friends) and their adorable children, Andrew and Bryan.

Frances, Andrew and George.  I completely failed to get a decent picture of the rest of the Rhode family.

Bryan and Lynne

Andrew happy as a clam being tossed by his daddy.

Those kids were as fast as this picture makes them seem.  Seriously, tag your children with neon blinking lights or you very well might lose them. 

The lights were incredible—I think they get better every year.

My princess standing next to the princess

A great children's maze that kept the little ones contained for a good ten minutes.  The tired adults desperately needed that.

We finished the night with an easy dinner at the garden cafeteria and made it home in time for the kids’ normal bedtime—no minor feat.  Because as we all know, regardless of what time the kids go to bed, they will be up with the chickens.

Which means Daddy and Mommy will be, too.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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