Friday, December 7, 2012

The good kind of voicemail

Will has been working a lot lately, which means the kids and I have been feeling a little bit like "The Three Amigos" (of course, who doesn't love that movie?) rather than our comfortable family of four.

After about the tenth night in a row of a Mommy-only bedtime, even my ol'reliable Frances was getting weepy at the thought of one more night without a Daddy kiss, so I promised both of them that if they were good about getting ready for bed we would call Daddy at the office.

When we finally called, Will was in a meeting so we left him a quick goodnight message that I thought you'd enjoy:

Will did make it home "someday," but he has yet to bring Santa for George.  I guess one out of two isn't too shabby, although considering his busy schedule I would have bet on George's request sooner than Frances's.

Happy Friday, everyone!!  Daddy is coming home tonight, so I think we need a double exclamation point on that one.

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