Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our week

This week, I’ve been doing a lot more hugging and kissing than normal (if that is even possible).  I’m sure Frances and George are wondering what has gotten into their already overly emotional mother (I can almost feel Frances’s eye roll as I’m telling her one more time “I LOVE YOU!” at school drop-off.)  But I’m not one to be easily dissuaded by an embarrassed child.  So I squeeze, I hug, I’ve kissed the top of their heads so much I wouldn’t be surprised if I create a pucker-shaped bald spot.  And even with a daily heavy heart, I’ve tried my best to carry on Christmas as much as possible this week, including:

The Nutcracker with Nana

Brunch with Santa (and Grandma, Grandpa, Trey & Justin)

"Look, Ma, no tears!"

School Christmas parties

Elf on the Shelf spottings

Frosty costumes

The inspiration.

George’s “Baby Jesus” rendition

Christmas cookie baking

And sporadic napping.  At least by one member of the family.

Or maybe not-so-sporadic.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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