Thursday, September 19, 2013

Den decorating update

Along with my lack of blog updates, my general life updates are pretty slow as well.  If I've learned nothing these past two years at home it is that for the most part, a full-time mother spends a lot of time just maintaining the status quo (cleaning the messes, laundering the dirty clothes, shopping for the food that has just been eaten, returning toys into those organized--or not-so-organized--toy shelves, etc., etc.) and not as much time improving her surroundings as she would like.

Remember that post I did back in early March--yikes!--where I was on fire to improve nearly every single room of our house?  Guess how many rooms are completed.


But, I was finally able to get the den nearly ready for showing you guys.  And who am I kidding, because it will never be 100% ready, I'll break the suspense today and show you the "(Almost) AFTER" pictures.  I am absolutely in love with the pillow fabrics (thank you, thank you Anne!) and couldn't be happier with the curtain choice (what would we ever do without Ikea?).

Here are the "BEFORE" pictures:

Dirty sofa, Target pillows, and Marshall.

Barren windows

And the "(Almost) AFTER" pictures!

Pillows!!  And a Pottery Barn slipcover that was on sale and I couldn't resist.
Oh, and Marshall of course.  He also loves the new pillows.

Curtains.  Ahhh!

More curtains.

Another angle.  How much fun is that leopard print?

Where one of the Target pillows has landed temporarily.

I know it doesn't look like much (and isn't really), but it's amazing the difference a few throw pillows can make to an entire room's feel.  Still to do - find some trim for the white curtains (maybe; the plain white is growing on me), have another pillow made for the red chair above, and hang 6 framed prints behind the sofa in place of the mirror.  Maybe I'll get to those in the next six months.  Maybe.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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