Monday, September 30, 2013

Running and partying

I know what you're thinking--isn't that title redundant?  Running IS like a big party and partying is kind of like running a marathon.  But this weekend, against all rational judgment, I actually did both in the same day.  And I am still recovering.

This year, after a three-year hiatus because of my bum knee, I ran the Virginia Ten Miler in Lynchburg.  It felt great to be back on one of the toughest courses in the state, but it felt even better to be running it with these incredible ladies:

Karen, me, Cyndi, and Catherine

Karen, Cyndi and I ran a race together in April and had so much fun we made plans to meet back in our hometown for their big annual run.  Catherine (on the far right) is a Lynchburg native, too, who went on to become a professional triathlete and runner.  Needless to say none of us actually ran with Catherine; but it was fun to pretend.

My time was fine--not my slowest, not my fastest (which I find myself saying a lot these days as I approach the big 4-0).  Cyndi, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and runs many races in high altitude said this 10-miler was her toughest of the year.  I kid you not I could have kissed her when she said that.  The course is notoriously hilly and in years past has deterred many elite runners from participating because of what will surely be a slow (for them) time.  So knowing all of that, I almost always run this race with the goal of having fun, seeing friends and family, and not killing myself.  Check, check, check!  It was a great time.

After the race and some catching up with the other runners, I drove back to Richmond in time to get ready for this big boy's birthday party.

We had it at Romp n' Roll (the same place we had Frances's 4th birthday) and they did a fabulous job.  An hour and a half of jumping, dancing, bouncing, climbing, singing, and running.

Some pizza and cake to finish the evening.

And no party would be complete without cousin love:

Cousin Maggie

Justin and Trey

It felt great to celebrate our baby (sniff!) and to send his friends and family off completely exhausted, fed and ready for bed.  

And so was Momma.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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