Saturday, September 28, 2013


Two and a half years ago when I started this blog, George looked like this:

And I remember thinking how old he looked in this picture, blue jeans and all.  Now, he looks like this:

I can't help but be in disbelief at how much he's changed in the time between I took those two pictures.  George is stubborn at times, quick tempered, opinionated, and knows every single of Frances's buttons to push at just the right time for peak little brother annoyance level.  But he is also a lover of kisses and hugs, smiles and waves at everyone who acknowledges his presence, adores his sister (despite aforementioned button-pushing), is a tried and true momma's boy, and is destined to be something pretty spectacular in this world.

George challenges me as a mother on a daily basis--and I am not just referring to my patience and tolerance (although he certainly tests those!).  I have been blessed to have a huge hand in guiding this boy into manhood and I want to ensure I don't completely screw that up.  He is imaginative, creative, scary smart, curious, and constantly craving new and exciting adventures.  He is also just as happy being a homebody like his mother--reading in the corner while I piddle around the house.  The window of time I have with this incredible being is shrinking daily (this time next year he will be in Kindergarten.  Kill me now.) and I'm worried that my amateur mothering skills may not have been enough for the complexity that is George.

What I know for certain with every cell in my body is that I am a better person for having this boy.  While I am busy teaching him manners, reading, writing, and conflict resolution (ha!), he is teaching me how to live each day to the maximum; how to study bugs in the dirt (because they are "really coooool"); how to change lyrics to his favorite songs just for a good laugh; how to be patient when figuring out a puzzle because at some point you will figure it out.  George keeps me grounded, youthful and most importantly he keeps me humble.  And I will be forever grateful that he takes the time to drag his stuck-in-the-mud mother along on his many adventures.

Happy 4th Birthday, George!  I can't WAIT to see where our next adventure leads us.

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