Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our week

Twice per week seems to be the new normal for me to update my blog (but don't hold me to that even!  I can't promise any kind of schedule these days).  George has decided to all but forego his naps, which means in the 30-minutes I force him to stay in his room I can either write, fold laundry, start dinner, clean, make phone calls, email, or check Pinterest (who me?  Never!).  Sadly, my writing has some serious competition for my time and seems to be losing most days.  The good news is, I have lots to update, including ...

Frances's first class at the Richmond Ballet school.

It is an unbelievably tight window from the time school gets out until she has to be dressed and ready to dance, but we did it last week and we'll keep it up as long as she wants to.  I couldn't help myself signing her up for this program.  Her dance school last year was fine, but they spent the better part of classes learning their routine for the recital rather than focusing on technique.  I knew she needed more structure if she really does want to pursue this crazy profession.

George's first tennis lesson.

Completely out of the blue, my neighbor invited us to take a 4 to 5-year-old all boys tennis lesson once a week at our gym.  Fresh air for both of us, 45 minutes of running around for my ball of energy, and I get to meet and have actual conversations with other mothers - sign me up!

Fall is here!

Sunny, 50 degree mornings are just the best.

And the apples this year are delicious, a product of a wet and cool(ish) summer.  Bring on the Honeycrisps.

Last night, we attended a performance of the Richmond Symphony at Pocahontas State Park.

It could not have been a more perfect evening--picnic on the grass and dancing after dessert.

Pretend fighting.

You know, just in case I forget what the real fights look like.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. So, I see your photos of watching the symphony and my first reaction was, "I can't believe Frances is wearing pants!!" Even Frances has me buying into the idea that every day is a dress day for her. :) She looks equally as cute in pants though.

    1. Cyndi - that is hilarious! I made her wear her new sweatsuit because it was supposed to be a chilly night. Of course, a "Frances" sweatsuit is pink leopard print : ) Casual wear at its best.

      Can't wait to see you in less than two weeks!