Friday, September 6, 2013

This week

With Frances in school (and absolutely loving it ... whew!), George and I have been having some quiet one-on-one time soaking up his final days of summer before his school starts next week.  We've done a lot of cleaning, organizing, and errands, which I know sounds like torture to most 3-year-old little boys, but has really suited George this week as he learns how to spend eight solid hours without his best friend, Frances.

These two may have their daily spats, but they are about as close as two siblings can be (including in height--in the words of Chandler Bing, can George BE any taller?).

The weather has been crazy beautiful, so in between our chores the boy and I have been outside more than in, including a trip to Byrd Park to see the Carillon.

You can see this beautiful tower when you cross the James River heading into downtown and George never fails to point it out.  I thought it was only fair he finally get to see the landmark up close and personal.

We also visited his new classroom and met his two new teachers, Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Deloye.

He was shy and nervous, but he did politely speak when spoken to and loved the toys and activities they had out in their room.

Next week will be the true test when he doesn't get to leave the room with me.  I'm expecting tears (to say the least!), but hoping they don't last every single day all year long like they did last year.  But hey, if they do, I've certainly been down that road before.

Happy weekend, everyone!  If the weather where you are is as nice as it is here, soak up that vitamin D.  In the meantime, George and I will be doing his most favorite activity of any day--waiting patiently for Frances's bus to bring her back home.

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