Monday, September 23, 2013

Go Braves!

When Will and I first began dating, I found out very early on that he was a baseball fan (or to paraphrase one of Frances's favorite sayings, "he didn't just like baseball, he LOVED baseball.").  Among his wit, charm, dashing good looks, and seemingly bottomless well of Libel Show jokes I was so very happy to be falling for a lover of America's pastime.  I was born and bred with the game of baseball--my father, my brothers, even my mother (who to this day knows how to keep a handwritten score of the game; a lost art in my book)--we all loved the sport.

Growing up, we were Yankees fans (before it was 'cool' to be a Yankees fan; believe me, they were terrible most of those years) and Henry's childhood idol was the great Don Mattingly.  So you can understand my excitement when he picked me up for our second date to tell Will that not only did I also love baseball but that I was a Yankees fan!  Yippee!!  It was at that moment that Will slowed down his car and told me to "get out now."  I thought he was kidding.  But now I know that as a diehard Braves fan he very likely wasn't.  But thankfully my charm, wit, and willingness to root for his favorite team won him over in the end and we've lived happily ever after in baseball bliss.  We even attended a Braves game during our honeymoon:

Sporting my favorite player's jersey, Julio Franco.
He was about 50 years old, but had stood the test of time as a major league player--my kind of guy!

Sadly, since our wedding the Braves have been struggling.  And struggling.  And struggling.  And while Will does his absolute best not to let their losses interfere with his daily moods, I know he dies a little each time they have a bad year.  And when he hurts, I hurt.

But this year the Braves started out strong.  We both were silently keeping track of their progress--sharing the bare minimum, but not wanting to jinx their players or teamwork.  Slowly and patiently, they racked up more and more wins.  The Bikram yoga of baseball I like to think--breathing in and out, taking their time, and enjoying the fruits of their hard work day in and day out.  And you know what?

I realize now that Marshall needs some Braves paraphernalia.

They won their division yesterday!  Something they haven't been able to do in eight years (nearly our entire marriage).

The post-season is coming and their is no guarantee of further success.  But I have to say a quiet "thank you" to the Braves for making the person that I love most in this world a happy, happy fan yesterday.  You could not have won for a more loyal or more wonderful Braves devotee.  You all deserve the best!

Little Will is just my favorite little person ever!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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