Thursday, September 13, 2012

Around the house

Thanks to everyone who asked about George’s school transition.  Sadly, George’s drop-off day 2 went about as well as drop-off day 1.  He screams like I’m forcing him to walk the plank.  Pretty soon I’m going to have to get tough with him.  I mean, come on kid; it’s three hours of playtime twice a week.  That’s it.  Mommy needs a break.  You’ll be fine.  I’ll be back before lunch.  Geezo.

So, to take my mind off of real life for a little while, I thought I’d share some incredibly insignificant changes I’ve made around the house.  There is nothing quite like the little things to make you happy and feel a little more sane.  And in a house of sobbing preschoolers, sanity is a welcome change.

New sofa pillows from Target:

Target is the greatest place on earth, isn’t it?  These pictures reminds me how filthy our sofa has gotten since we bought it pre-dogs and pre-children.  It used to be white or at least off-white rather than the lovely shade of dirt it seems to have morphed into over the years.  Looking at the first picture also makes me wonder if I should paint the mirror frame over the sofa as well.  The gold looks dated to me.  Maybe a shiny black to match the sofa legs?  Or white to match the trim and baseboards?  I’m telling you, serious dilemmas here at the Homiller house.

This gorgeous fall weather (lows in the 50s, highs in the 70s, sunny and blue, BLUE skies) inspired me to buy some fall-ish flowers:

The basil isn’t exactly a fall plant, but I needed a bunch for some recent recipes and buying a plant at the greenhouse is much cheaper than buying a prewashed handful at the grocery store.  Go figure.

Organizing the kids’ school papers:

Where the magic happens - my computer desk.  I keep some of my old college philosophy books in the corner, just so I can pretend I'm still an academic.

I needed to get through the first week before I decided exactly how I wanted to keep school-related things straight.  But so far I like this system—three upright folders for each child.  We have kept every daily and weekly schedule on the children since they started daycare at 10-weeks-old and I hope to keep up that system at least through Kindergarten.  We’ll see!

Martha and I have become besties since this last weekend:

I’m sure I’m way late to the party on this one, but Martha Stewart has a line of organizing/planning tools at Staples that are incredible.  Some of the bigger organizers (inboxes, desk organizers, etc.) were a little over my budget; but I loved the round label tags.

And this great see-through pocket organizer that adheres to your cabinet or wall.

A perfect size for those take-out menus that we rarely use, but still keep around just in case.

Finally, you are looking at my next big project:

I cannot wait to paint this beautiful but gloomy brick fireplace white.  When we moved into our house, our entire den was wood paneled with lovely but very dark knotty pine.  Several years ago, we hired someone to paint the walls a cheery sky blue and the trim pure white.  At the time, I remember thinking we should have asked them to paint the fireplace as well; but I wasn’t quite ready for so much change all at once.  And now, I am finally ready.  I think a white fireplace will really brighten up this room (which faces northwest and even with the new paint color still suffers the fate as one of the darkest rooms in the house).  This will be my biggest DIY project to date, so wish me luck!

And with that, I will sign off.  If you don’t hear from me in a while it is because I am knee-deep in white paint or shrieking sons.  Or more likely, both.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. OK, Blogger and I are having a bit of a rocky relationship right now. I tried on three separate occasions to comment on your post about George's first day but they appear to have been eaten by the void. (A few of those were on my phone, though, so maybe there was a glitch there?)

    Anyhoo, I just had to pass along this story from Will's preschool last year. And honestly, if I hadn't witnessed it with my own two eyes, I'm not sure I would believe it.

    A little boy in the classroom next to Will's was really upset as his mom dropped him off on the first day, screaming, clinging, you know the drill. The teachers pried him from her, she walked down the hall and turned the corner, and I kid you not, the kid looked down the hall, saw that she was gone and SMILED at his teachers like there was absolutely nothing wrong.

    I was standing there with Laura and I made eye contact with the teacher and said something like, "Did that really just happen?" to which the teacher responded "Yes. And that's not the first or last time." Just thought you'd appreciate that little gem.

    I know (and you know as well) that George is going to thrive in preschool. The first few weeks of anything is rough on all involved but it'll be great. Enjoy your alone time! (Secretly jealous...)

    Hope you guys have a good weekend!

    1. I love that story!! In fact, the first day I had to walk by G's classroom on my way to the school office and when I passed by a second time, he was playing and laughing. I KNOW he is fine, but the drop-off is borderline ridiculous. The second day he nearly pulled off my running shorts (which I assure you, no one wants). I'll have to see how week 2 goes and play it by ear on how to handle it. He is nothing if not passionate, which I suppose we all want in our children ... right?!

      PS - maybe if we pool our resources we could furnish a Martha room between our two houses?? She is lovely, isn't she. And crazy expensive : ) MISS YOU!!

  2. And PS. I have a problem with Martha's organizing stuff. Jamison asked me if I had bought furniture at Staples after he got the credit card bill. Sadly, it was just folders and labels and such. They're just so pretty. And functional. I'm in need of more supplies right now but I don't think a certain spouse of mine would be supportive of the purchase of more...