Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This and that

My (almost) constant companion since Kindergarten started.

Reading at Sam's Club (and the carrot to get through some necessary shopping)

George seems to have reached an epicenter of emotional ups and downs--he feels love and joy so hard his little body can hardly contain it; but his frustrations have increased the temper tantrums to a new level.  I'm not really sure why my already demonstrative son has become even more dramatic, but I assume a lot of it is all of the change that has happened since Labor Day--Frances gone every day, his new school (along with the progressively theatrical drop-offs) twice a week, nap times cut short by school and activities, and often eating lunch in the car just so we can keep some semblance of a schedule.  With all of that in mind, I'm trying my best to keep his non-school days as easy and quiet as possible--an errand or two followed by some playground time, lunch and nap.  Once nap time ends, the craziness begins; so I want him to go into his midday slumber as happy and relaxed as he can.


All of my dancer friends will appreciate Frances's incredible arches.

I have no idea where her love of dance will take her, but I'm happy to know my girl's got the feet for it.


I've had some good luck with recipes these last few weeks, which is not related to my talent as a cook, but entirely associated with my talent for picking out a recipe I can make either during nap time or while the kids are running around the house in their undies.  All of these are F&G approved:

Kale salad (really, REALLY good; and the best way to eat Kale that I've found)
(All three of these are from the food blog Iowa Girl Eats.  In all honesty, I've never made anything by her that I didn't love.)


So, I bit the bullet this week and started painting our den fireplace.

And now I have officially hit the point of no return--it will be easier to paint the five additional coats of white needed to fill in the holes than it would be to take off this first layer of primer.  But I must admit, I have zero patience for DIY projects.  If my mother has taught me anything in my thirty-five years it is that life generally runs better when you leave the big projects to the experts.  Hire out.  It's good for the economy, it's good for your sanity, and it's much better for your deltoids (which are humming this morning).  However, when all is said and done I am pretty proud of myself for even taking on this mess.  It's in a fairly prominent place in our house and I (for better or worse) didn't think twice about slapping on that first layer of white.  I hope to have a "finished" picture up before too long, or as soon as my arms have recovered.

Marshall has taken a liking to sleeping on the plastic paint covers.  I'll construe that as permission to take my sweet time in finishing this project.  I wouldn't want to disturb him.  

And with that, I will sign off.  I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. Oh Lucy, first off, hi! I love your blog! I also wanted to say: what beautiful feet Frances has! And she's not even curling her toes! She knows how to make her mum proud. :)

    1. Jennifer, you are so sweet (and great to hear from you)!!