Monday, September 10, 2012

Number one for number two

It all started off so well …

Ready for his first day of school, complete with Nana's Opera on the James nap sack!

… and then reality hit.

And it hit hard.  George’s first day of school drop-off did not go well, but I was expecting as much.  I’ve been mentally preparing him for this first day for what seems like a year now and George has been in denial that it was happening for at least that long.  I spawned a sweet mamma’s boy and he’s got it pretty good at home—I have only myself to blame.  So, just as predicted, this morning he cried, screamed, shrieked (reminiscent of his stitches sobs), and it took no less than three teachers to pry him off of me so I could gracefully make my exit.

After a good car ride cry, a phone call with Will, and a stroll around the neighborhood in this incredible weather, I felt much better.  Once I cleared my head, I realized that George’s dramatic drop-off reminded me of the Barbara Bush/Nancy Reagan skit on Saturday Night Live.  If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t seen it in a while), you are in for a treat.


Now picture my George as the outgoing First Lady.  Only Phil Hartman (and my husband) can make me laugh through my tears.

At pickup, George gave me an enthusiastic smile and an “I had a great day, Mommy!”  I knew he would; he’s unknowingly been itching to get out from under my wing for months.  He needs consistent friends, new authority figures and a structured school day.  If only he’ll remember all of that come Wednesday morning.

Here’s hoping for the best!

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