Tuesday, September 4, 2012

There goes my girl

Up at 6am, dressed by 6:05am, and chomping at the bit to start her first day of Kindergarten (which didn't begin for another three hours).

George and I are faring well.  But I can't write much more or I may need to surgically remove my heart from my throat.  More later, I promise!

Happy First Day of School, everyone!


  1. Oh, Lucy! Look at her in that sweet little uniform! It's so nice that she was so excited. (Will is, too. He starts tomorrow and cannot stop talking about it.) She's going to do so great!

    I hope you (and Will and George) are doing okay, too. I'm right here with you in this mess of emotions...

    Take care and I can't wait to hear more about the newly-minted kindergartner and her adventures!

    1. Sara!! She did GREAT; much better than I anticipated or I would have ever done. Once nap time starts, I'm going to try to write a more detailed post - we'll see : )

      I hope Will did well, but if I know anything about that amazing child, he was happy as a clam!