Sunday, September 9, 2012


I’m feeling a little scattered these days, really since school started.  Like the kids returning to a routine, I’m trying to figure out my new schedule, which includes a heckuva lot more driving than I’m used to (the despondent cry of many a parent, I know) and pockets of unexpected downtime (often away from home) where I find myself thinking, “I know there is something productive I could be doing now … but I have no idea what it is.”  I’m hoping to get my bearings again soon; but until then, my blog posts may be a bit scattered as well.  You have been warned.


Saturday was “Playground Clean-up Day” at George’s school.  He doesn’t officially start until Monday, but we’ve had at least three separate open houses since spring so I feel very much a part of the school family already.


George and Daddy mowing the lawn.

I am pretty sure that every boy family has a father/son lawnmower picture somewhere in its vaults; but I’ll be darned if it’s not the cutest thing in the world when you see your own offspring mimic his handsome father.  It almost took my breath away, which is ridiculous in itself.  But considering my emotional state this past week, no one should be surprised.


Frances in pigtails.

I have nothing to say about these pictures other than I am completely in love with this girl.  And the fact that the pigtails make her look younger than her almost five-year-old age is a huge plus in my book.  She is growing up too fast as it is.


A typical Saturday night in the Homiller house.

Tired parents.  Energetic kids.  Content Marshall.  My little heaven.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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