Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miracles on Conte Drive

We had no fewer than two miracles happen these past few days at the Homiller house.

For the first time since school started (three LONG weeks ago), George did not cry when I dropped him off.

AAAAND, I finally finished painting the fireplace.



Okay, so these two events aren't exactly otherworldly in nature, but if you had seen George as early as last week when I left him at preschool you would never believe the change.  He still didn't go bounding into class (the way it appears all children besides George do), but there were zero tears.  He pulled me away from the door, dug in his heels, and tried his best to avoid walking into the classroom - but I can handle all of that so long as it is not accompanied by gut-wrenching wails and ear-piercing shrieks as I peel his strong fingers away from my clothing.

But even considering this paradigm shift, the real miracle was that I finished this project.

 Will said he didn't think I had it in me to follow through with a job that required so much painting (did I mention that I have no patience or stamina for DIY projects) and was impressed that I did it myself, which I took as a compliment at the time, but now I’m beginning to wonder.  The good news (for both Will and me since undoubtedly he would have been the one cleaning up my good intentions) I did finish and I couldn't be happier with the way it looks.

We call the new color "Bichon White."  It seems to fit.

And now I promise to never mention the word "fireplace" again.  This might just be the third miracle of the day.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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