Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another first

Frances went to her first official sleepover this weekend.

Partners in crime for five years running - Carissa and Frances

I’m sure those girls just got oodles of sleep, right?

Carissa and Frances have been tied to the hip since they were both infants and started daycare within weeks of each other.  Sadly, they don’t go to school together anymore, but you would never know it.  They pick up right where they left off, just like all best friends do (Brooke, Julz, Eileen : )).


Popcorn and movies

And the ultimate—mani/pedis

Apparently, they attempted to get some sleep.

But Frances arrived home looking happily exhausted—the making of any good sleepover.  Carissa’s mother did report one small fight between the girls; Carissa wanted to take the tops off all of the markers and Frances insisted that would make them all dry out.  I had to laugh—that is so very Frances-like.  In fact, I’m certain she’s had that exact fight with George, which likely ended in hair-pulling, biting and crying.  The girls just parted ways for a bit and were fast friends again within minutes.  No doubt, having George as a younger brother has taught Frances the art of quick forgiveness.


And the ever-important skill of learning to pick your battles.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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