Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My yearly detox

Pretzel Rolo cookies.  These were the death of me this Christmas.  I made about 200 (as gifts) and ate about 150.  Shamelessly, unabashedly. 

Yes, friends, it is that time of year again.  When I realize that I’ve spent the last three months and three holidays downing more sweets than anyone should be allowed to ingest and the sugar to water ratio in my blood is grossly out of proportion.

Pumpkin cookies--another partner-in-crime.

I fancy myself a relatively intelligent person, but for whatever reason each Halloween through New Year’s my stomach convinces my brain that one more cookie, chocolate, handful of M&Ms, or second (third?) piece of cake won’t hurt.  I don’t know why I’m surprised when January 2nd it appears that those stretchy jeans just aren’t stretching quite as much as they used to and my loose-fitting J. Jill tops are suddenly body-hugging.  But here I am—surprised once again.

I should also mention that this is Will’s favorite time of the year, too—when Lucy gives up desserts and she puts him in charge of hiding them all.  I know that I am particularly charming to be around when a chocolate craving hits and there is none to be found in the house.

And so, no sweets it is for an indefinite period of time—until those stubborn jeans fit, my cheeks look a little less round, and I just generally feel better (because as sad as it is to say, something that tastes soooo goooood actually makes you feel pretty awful.  Oh sugar, you are a cruel mistress).  It's not much of a detox I know because I eat vast amounts of sugar in other areas as well--yogurt, cereal, fruit, and pretty much anything else that goes in my mouth.  But it's all I can give up for now.  And I'm not even very good at that.

Wish me luck!  Or better yet, wish Will luck.  He may need it more than me.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Right there with ya, Lucy! The only problem is that Virginia loves to bake, so I'm having to give the goodies we continue to make away (she doesn't eat much of them -- sometimes I wonder if she's really my child!)

    1. George has no sweet tooth either (except for M&Ms, strangely), but Frances makes up for the both of them. GOOD LUCK to you, too! I commend your ability to be around temptation and not cave : )