Saturday, January 5, 2013

This and that

On New Year’s Eve, we kept my parents’ dogs (Maggie and Calvin) so they could visit my sister's family for the night.

The three Bichons get along famously, particularly when Maggie and Calvin eat their lunch and dinner.  Yep, these dogs get three meals a day.  Sometimes I forget to feed Marshall all two of his.


New snow boots, coat (for George) and mittens (not pictured).

It is now certain not to snow this season.  But like any good Girl Scout, I am determined to be over-prepared.


George and I visited Maymont on a freezing, but sunny day this past week.

He was sweating, I was shivering.  I’m sure all parents of preschoolers can relate.

Sizing each other up.

Apparently wrestling is innate.


Family game night.

I think the bunny may have been beating Daddy.


The hardest working husband.

Truly.  He spent most of the day on New Years’ executing all of the heavy lifting in taking down the Christmas decorations.  I happened to capture him during his 30-minute catnap when he was trying his best to catch up on the many hours of lost sleep from the month of December.  I’m not sure what Marshall’s excuse was since he spent most of December asleep.


My Christmas earrings from Will (that came in the most beautiful robin’s egg blue box).

Their beauty almost makes up for the fact that I look about 100 years old here.  Ugh.


Santa brought these adorable (and surprisingly useful) blanket ponchos for the kids.

I can’t resist taking their picture when they have them on.  Little Red Riding Hood meets (even Littler) Obi One Kenobi.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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