Sunday, January 27, 2013

A quick getaway

Will and I finally cashed in on my Christmas present to him this year—a two-night, kid-free trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

Will had planned on going to Williamsburg this past weekend anyway for the Virginia Bar Association’s annual meeting.  With Frances in Kindergarten this year, we were struggling to figure out how we could make it a family trip as we had always done in the past (the conference is Thursday through Saturday) when it dawned on me how much more fun it would be to just have a couple’s trip.  So our saintly neighbors, the Pyles, volunteered to stay with the kids so we could have some alone time.  And it could not have been more perfect.

The weather was snowy and freezing so having the children with us would have been a challenge.  Colonial Williamsburg is a beautiful, quaint walking town, but not ideal for young kids particularly when the wind chill is in the teens.  But Will and I were in heaven.

Will looks like he's in heaven here, no?

We actually took a run together (our first ever!) on Saturday morning.

We are a fine looking couple, aren't we?  But in our defense, it was about 13 degrees when we started out on our run.

We took several walks, window shopped at my favorite furniture store of all time (Williamsburg At Home), ate a romantic dinner courtesy of my parents, visited the outlet stores (of course!), and finished actual adult conversations in a timely, sophisticated manner.  We were able to talk about more than just the everyday necessities—what’s for dinner, how did George behave, how is Frances doing in school.  We talked about the future—our hopes and dreams for the family, where we’d like to vacation next, what we would do if we won the lottery.  Yes, much of what we talked about may never happen.  But I am convinced it is so important for couples to dream together; to allow your minds to wander collectively; to realize that regardless of what happens in the real world, you will always share a love of what could be and what you hope will be.

One of my dreams - to stay here (The Williamsburg Inn) one day.  Queen Elizabeth, among countless others, have called this incredible hotel home for a night.
Sadly, our weekend was over much too quickly, but not quickly enough for the Pyles I’m afraid.  George was his usual “spirited” self while we were gone and I know how exhausting he can be.

This picture says it all.  I love my boy, but he is the ultimate handful.  

A big “THANK YOU” to the Pyles for letting Will and me have some alone time and wishing you many hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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