Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our week

On one of our many rainy days last week, George and I ventured to the Short Pump location of the children’s museum.

Honestly, he spent the majority of the time in the “baby” section looking completely out of place. 

But he loved the books they had out and he probably loved feeling like Willie the Giant.  I’m assuming that’s a great feeling although I have no personal experience.


This is how Marshall spent the better part of the rainy week and snow day.

Who am I kidding – this is how Marshall spends every single day.  It’s a ruff life.


We spent several cold and wet afternoons at the indoor pool, which is a warm 90+ degrees regardless of the weather outside.

Frances has always been a fish and George is becoming a bit braver.  I feel swimming lessons coming soon in his future.


George and his Headbandz

I could write an entire post using only pictures of George wearing this game (a child’s version of “Charades”).  I can’t help it – I take a picture every time he goes into his room and comes out wearing one of these contraptions, which is a lot.


Frances helped me with some errands on Saturday.

She was so good I felt a milkshake reward was in order.


The temperature for this morning's run.

I know, I get no sympathy.  I am, after all, voluntarily embarking on this solo mission to see just how numb my nose can get in an hour's time.


My absolute most favorite part of the day.

The kids are bathed, Marshall is fed, dinner is cooking, and the next 30 minutes is dedicated to the Disney Channel.

And my new favorite wine.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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