Monday, January 14, 2013

Around the house

It’s been chilly and rainy these past few days.

Even our promised sunny, warm weekend never happened, but we made the best of it.

And there is nothing like gray weather to inspire some small changes throughout the house.  Truth be told, gray weather inspires grand design remodeling (my inherent cabin fever coupled with Pinterest, blogs and my most recent Southern Living make for a dangerous combination), but I’m settling for small updates for now.

Even though Christmas is over, I kept a red and green theme on our kitchen shelves.

Sorry about the blurry picture.  Gray days also make for crummy lighting.

I loved this white orchid that I found at Target for next to nothing. 

I just bought the candles today, which is why the wicks have yet to be touched.  If you can believe it, I actually light candles during every dinnertime even if it’s just the kids eating on their own.  Those small flames have such a calming influence on them and I love the way they make the table look.  Even a mac n’ cheese dinner deserves a little style, right?

This corner sofa table has been empty (except for the lamp) since Christmas and I’ve been undecided on how to accessorize it. 

The sunroom is one of our high traffic play areas and both kids and dogs have been known to destroy a variety of nice-ish things housed on these tables.  But it just looked so vacant and sad that I decided on some nearly unbreakable items.

The tray is plastic, the books are sturdy and the flowers are silk.  Only the green vase is at risk.  I’ll keep you posted on its survival.

I know there is something spectacular I could be doing in this bookshelf space below my cookbooks, but for now it’s a grouping of all-things-white.

And I finally got around to adding some updated family pictures to our den wall.

The top picture is by-far the best family shot we’ve ever been able to capture thanks entirely to my talented brother-in-law who took the picture and my incredible sister who was behind the lens talking like Donald Duck so that George would smile.  The bottom picture I took at the park one day after school and is reason #1 why I love my iPhone.  Even blown up to a large 11x14 size, it’s still great quality.

My decorating partner hard at work.

Marshall has been a huge help as I fuss over all of these minor changes around the house—quiet, agreeable, and always there with an encouraging lick.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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