Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow day!

Already out by 7:30am

Our first one of the year and it was beautiful.

Another first – George loved the snow almost as much as Frances did.  Three cheers for waterproof mittens and solid snow boots.  I knew as long as he was warm he’d have fun.

Tabletop Frosty (the best Will and the kids could do with white, powdery snow).

The sun is quickly melting the powder into slush, but the kids are hoping for one more romp this afternoon.  Can you blame them?

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. You got way more snow than we did! It was such a disappointment here. (and we missed school before it even snowed) Do you live in Salisbury? That's where Steve's parents are and your neighborhood looks similar.

    1. Oh no - I had thought Charlottesville would have gotten much more than we did. Apparently Lynchburg didn't get much either; I guess we "lucked" out : )

      We live in Briarwood, which is close to Salisbury (on the same side of Robious, but just a few subdivisions east). Will's parents also live in Salisbury and he grew up there from 7th grade on. It's SUCH a beautiful neighborhood - maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to move there!